NFL Week 8 SuperPower Rankings

I only missed four games this past week, and only two in which I picked the favorite. In both cases, the team on top in the SuperPower Rankings won, so there really was no good Upset Special this week.

This week, I have Indy pulling the Upset Special over the Patriots in Super Bowl XLI.V. However, I also think the Patriots could turn the tables and win the AFC Championship Game. I also find it incredible that the Saints are favored over the supposedly red-hot Jaguars, even though I’m going the same way. I have a second Upset Special picking the Cardinals over the Bucs.

The Chargers and Chiefs may have fattened up against weak opposition. KC is facing a Packer team that’s better than them in the rankings anyway, and the Chargers are facing Minnesota, who are too weak to challenge them.

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