Possible important notice

Well, earlier today I had a lively e-mail conversation with Freehostia support, and determined that Comcast had somehow blocked my normal IP address from accessing Freehostia for some reason.

My hunch was that some computer at Comcast was down, and I wasn’t the only one to complain about inability to access Freehostia. Regardless, I can’t complain to Comcast because the connection isn’t mine to complain about, so unless this turns out to be a one-day problem, until further notice the strip will probably update at somewhat unpredictable times, determined by my ability to get to the library. That will probably mean 10 AM PT Wednesdays-Saturdays, 1 PM PT Mondays and Tuesdays (or even later), and who knows when on Sundays.

If I had a job and could thus afford an Internet connection of my own, if I had a better battery, if my computer stood by and hibernated properlyjlav ;amsdbjg.tlkhcnbxcoidsgddv9tew – if ANY of those conditions were in place I could give you a more reliable update schedule. Even if I had some way to time when Freehostia performed certain uploads and updated the MySQL database (so I wouldn’t have to worry about strips leaking early). But this pattern will probably hold for the next month until school starts up again, although the instant I get a paying job I will probably sign up for some sort of Internet service.

(You can take care of one of these conditions by buying a battery compatible with the Dell Inspiron B130 for me and e-mailing me for my snail mail address. Offers left in the comments may NOT be accepted.)

No, today’s strip isn’t on the website yet and will probably go up with tomorrow’s strip. It’s below for the curious. (Well, assuming you’re not on the LJ feed or permalink page, anyway.)

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