The Angst-O-Meter: Day 2

(From Ctrl+Alt+Del. Click for full-sized footnotes.)

A couple of notes about today’s Ctrl+Alt+Del.

First, I’m starting to wonder if Tim is starting to send the message that Ethan is not nearly as much of an idiot as he’s long been made out to be, and never has been (pointing to the creation of Zeke). That seemed to be pulled back into focus by the start of this story arc, which this strip calls back to. If Ethan is really a misunderstood genius, it can’t be good for the accusations of Mary Sue-dom that have been leveled at him.

(Man, I’m reeeeeally bummed at Tangents being reduced to a LiveJournal backup at the moment, because this would have been a really nice tie-in to my OOTS post that requires the real Tangents to be up. Stupid lazy Robert A. Howard.)

And yes, I know Ethan originally convinced Lucas to nix the tie, and tells him he should have worn it here.

And all that is related to my other point. We’ve seen Lilah start to go mad, but it’s starting to look like Ethan may be starting to go mad as well, snapping a little at Lucas when he mentions arguably the least of his problems.

And all that means it’s time to bump the Angst-O-Meter up to 62%.

Good day.

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