An addendum to my previous posts on global warming

To say the least, I have not been getting in as many posts on these topics I feel so strongly about as I would have liked. I think I started falling behind when I was stricken with a cold over the weekend, and subconsciously started using that as an excuse to goof off once I started losing the momentum. It doesn’t help that Blogger-in-draft is still buggy when it comes to pasting in information in IE7; I was working on a post offline, not backing up anything in any way, and found that it is still prone to coughing up on me. I’ve planned to put up the first part of that post on Sunday, but after starting last Sunday or Monday I haven’t started again AT ALL…S Ethejw,hvwgfmjklcxvk

I HAD intended to spend enough time on global warming and mass transit that it would sort of bleed in to a return to more political posts. Given the amount of work I’m about to start on, that’s looking unlikely. I’m going to start again tonight, this time using Word as the basis of the post in question, and I have no idea how that will go. Things might start looking a bit iffy on other fronts – I haven’t started putting together the next College Football Schedule, and won’t start until tomorrow at the soonest.

But I do want to make a clarification for anyone who’s seen my rundown of global warming-fixing options and my conclusion that there’s only one or two approaches that will green up our transportation paradigm other than mass transit investment. I didn’t mention offshore drilling for what should be obvious reasons. Of course I have heard that it won’t do a lick to lower gas prices appreciably, but also, my emphasis was on global warming. That’s also why I’m skeptical of T. Boone Pickens’ natural gas crusade and why I was always skeptical of the biofuels craze and why I’m still skeptical about hydrogen.

I think, when we talk about alternative fuels for our cars, we tend to mix up two different goals: solving global warming, and reducing our dependence on foreign oil. With the latter, any alternative fuel will do. Any one you want. You want biofuels? No problem. You want hydrogen? No problem. It doesn’t matter what we pick as long as it stops us from contributing to, as Pickens keeps ramming down our throats, “the largest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind”. But for global warming, we can’t settle for less. We need to make sure we curb emissions, not just oil use.

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