Is my personal long national nightmare at the beginning of the end?

I don’t want to jinx anything, and I’m technically losing the services of the place where my dad has been working (I think I can still post the strip from here), but events may be being set in motion to solve the problems I’ve been having for the better part of a year.

I’m starting to try various things to solve my laptop’s hibernation problem. I just might be about to get at least some of my files back from my old USB drive after over four months. As for my Internet connection and job situation… well, recent events, not to mention the loss of the aforementioned fallback, are starting to make us consider… well, I won’t give the jerks downstairs any ammo, but suffice to say I may finally be getting motivated to get a real job.

The backlog for Da Blog remains, and I may well delay the OOTS post this week. A far more profound topic, cutting to the very core of webcomics, is coming up. The OOTS post may be delayed a whole week, or at the very least a day or two, because I feel a multi-part series coming on…

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