I desperately need a real job, so naturally I’ve put in zero effort towards that for months.

I’m pissed at myself, I’m pissed at the library, and I’m pissed at timing.

I wouldn’t ordinarily hate the University District Street Fair. I’ve strolled through it myself on occasion, taken in sights, seen and tasted interesting things.

But when the vast majority of the decent Wi-Fi spaces near my house are right near the fair, I don’t particularly want a big booming concert when I’m trying to do something, and I certainly don’t want the library to make it hard for me to work under those circumstances.

(It didn’t help that I lost my keys right before I left the house.)

So I’m really pissed that all this conspired toaln dfjhkrqvkaflhalsbwvnfhushwimowbtjwo ybiofvhqepg35nogv2g3qv[ delay posting the strip until not that long before 5.

Tomorrow’s strip will be no earlier than noon PT.

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