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(From Irregular Webcomic! Click for full-sized diary of death.)

Well, the idea that every theme would reset to the beginning, and my idea for the last episode of IWC, appears to be dead.

Instead, we get the first appearance of “Me” in over four months, seemingly unaffected by the chaos enveloping IWC in the meantime.

If I may say so myself, I would suggest that David Morgan-Mar would need to do a lot of lawyering to claim he hasn’t violated his original “someone dies!!!” strip. “No ghosts”? “No witty banter with the Head Death before returning”? Well, technically the Me that got killed didn’t become a ghost, and technically this isn’t the same Me that had “witty banter with the Head Death”…

Honestly, I’m not sure what to expect from IWC for the rest of the year, or the rest of its existence.

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