The people you meet when you Twitter.

I know, I know, follower counts are really meaningless, but it’s still exciting to see my follower count rise over 60. Yes, some of them are spammer accounts, and some are semi-automated accounts that automatically follow anyone who follows them, but there are still enough legit ones that I suspect quite a few of them, maybe even the majority, have to be reading me on Twitter but not Da Blog. (Not that I’ve made things easier with my paucity of posts recently. We’ll see what the effect of this post is, though.)

But I’m not sure about some of these followers, who seem to automatically follow anyone who happens to mention a certain key word relevant to them.

Okay, I can understand AspergerKids and TMS01 following me after I mentioned Asperger’s in a recent tweet. I actually happen to have Asperger’s, so the connection is logical there. But… what the hell is up with GHuntersFansite following me after I said Cartoon Network was starting a Ghost Hunters ripoff? If there’s one thing I’m not into, it’s that sort of claptrap.

I’m not sure whether I hate it for its dishonesty, or whether I love it for the sheer irony of it…

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