The plan going forward

I had intended to re-enact my 2008 October of Politics, one of the dumber decisions I had made for Da Blog, this year, only starting far earlier and with more of a buffer. Right now that’s not looking like it’s going to happen at the moment; even allowing schoolwork to fall by the wayside, I’ve gotten basically none of it done over the course of the past month. Most of my time (at least, that’s actually been productive) has wound up going towards webcomic reviews instead, as I’ve been reminded of why I stopped doing them in 2009 in the first place.

I had hoped that that political series would build enough momentum to allow me to raise enough money to pay hosting costs that are due near the start of June. That may end up happening anyway, thanks to support from my parents and, judging from the ad rates I’ve occasionally seen, Da Blog returning to heights of popularity unseen since 2009. I’m weighing the pros and cons of putting up a temporary donation link regardless.

I do still intend to pull off that series, but it’s now likely that it won’t get started until the middle of June. It’s also possible I decide to lay off those plans entirely in favor of another project I have in mind for the site. You may also see me take one or two weeks off from doing webcomic reviews later in the month and especially in early June, to make sure I have something going for my classes.

I’ll continue The Streak to the extent that it’s feasible until then, but I may need to come up with better ideas for filler, possibly even to the point of bringing back the Random Internet Discovery.

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