Update on the forums

On the eve of my long-in-the-works political series, I’ve all but started over on the forums.

For one thing, I’ve put up a proper registration page.

More importantly, I have instituted a new rule: any account that remains inactive for 14 days after creation will be automatically deleted.¬†As the plugin I’m using for this isn’t very common and hasn’t been tested with even my somewhat-outdated version of WordPress (and thus I don’t know how bbPress-compatible it is either), please let me know if it causes any problems it shouldn’t as well.

Apologies if you have created a legitimate account; you can re-create it when needed, but I’m not fishing through the nearly 800 squatter accounts that were deleted as a result of this. CAPTCHA on individual posts wasn’t going to cut it for me; I would have preferred to institute CAPTCHA on the registration page, but without a plugin to do that, this is the next best thing.

Expect a post on the rules thread laying out some of the rules that are inactive because of the lack of bbPress plugins to institute them in the near future. My hunch is that I will need to install the BuddyPress plugin to institute many of them. More on that when we get there.

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