I’m seriously considering taking Da Blog off of Blogger.

My roundup of how the networks came out of upfronts will not be posted. At some point along the way, line returns got inserted in the HTML of the post, and no matter what the circumstance, Blogger converts all line returns into
tags, and that means that a table gets shoved down the page for no reason whatsoever.

Most of the time that functionality is great. (I can turn it off but that would adversely affect ALL of my posts. Until this week I used no tables at all and all of my posts prior to last weekend benefit from this function.) But since Blogger makes no distinction on context – doesn’t disregard or automatically remove line returns in table code, despite NO ONE having a use for the actual results in this context – it is too frustrating. The line returns in this instance were probably added by either IE 6 (but still show up when I try to edit in IE 7) or Blogger itself (which is just plain idiotic).

Since TONS – DOZENS – of line returns need to be removed, it’s simply not worth it to try to get rid of them all, so I’m withholding the post entirely and probably will not post it at all. But if I can find something smarter, I will probably flock to it in a heartbeat.

One benefit to going with Blogger that could prevent me from flocking too quickly is that it provides free, instant hosting. Most other places I could go to would likely either charge me to set up shop there or not be as good as Blogger in certain ways.

That said, given the correct circumstances I could easily decide to set up a full-fledged web site, which would end any hosting concerns I might have…

If you have any advice feel free to reply to this post.

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  1. I think getting your own website would be awesome! I am all for unconfined Morgan greatness.

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