More changes coming to Da Blog

Bravenet’s time as provider of Da Counter is nearing an end.

When I created Da Counter, I was just looking for any old service that would allow me to track how many people, if any, were visiting Da Blog. Bravenet was listed high on a list and it had a bunch of other stuff that looked cool. Bravenet provides a poll too? That’s good, because Da Blog is going to have a large interactive element.

Now, however, that’s looking more like a liability. For Bravenet, hitcountering is an afterthought. It’s something to be added to their real bread and butter: their web site services. And their web site services are woefully inadequate compared to the ones I’m considering.

(By the way, a quick update on the web site front. ZendURL is not accepting any new users right now as they upgrade their control panel.)

Still, I was hesitant on ditching them, because their poll is still useful. But Blogger is now offering polls themselves, rendering Bravenet’s redundant.

So sometime in the near future, Da Counter is moving from Bravenet to SiteMeter. Not only is SiteMeter all about hitcountering, it provides a boatload more info.

For the moment, I don’t think I’ll use any more of Bravenet’s services, but I don’t know how robust Blogger’s poll is going to be…

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