A blatant attempt to get Sandsday on the search engines

If you saw yesterday’s strip, you know I’ve started to engage in a blatant attempt to rope in video game geeks by commenting on current events. But today’s strip is only different from other video game-related strips I’ve done because it specifically mentions the Wii, at least at first. What happened? Did I realize just how much it was begging?

Well, let’s face it. The one thing most video game geeks want to do with the Wiimote, more than anything else, is aim it like a gun. Maybe sometimes swing it like a sword. But mostly aim it like a gun.

Hey Fox News: If you really want to take an unsubstantiated shot at the video game community, try painting them as potential murderers. Of course, everyone and their mother has done that already, but there’s still something to be concerned about…

1 thought on “A blatant attempt to get Sandsday on the search engines

  1. Dear Sir,

    Hello Mr. Wick! I am afraid that I couldn’t find the punchline in your strip. It seemed like a four panel set-up. Maybe it was the art.

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