I’ve been bottling this up all week, but I have a big beef with Buzzcomix. And it’s not so much that they’ve been down for the second time in less than a month. As annoying as that is, because they really need to figure out what this problem is and solve it.

No, it’s the fact there isn’t even a channel to inform anyone what’s going on. The old Buzzcomix at least had a forum. I’m not sure the new Buzzcomix even has any sort of “contact us” link. Not that that would matter while the whole site is down, but not having a forum or anything of that sort means no way of letting us know what the problem is when the site does come back.

Even with the site down, they could let a site like Comixtalk know what the dealio is. I haven’t found anything in my admittedly brief search to indicate that anyone has any idea what exactly is going on. Did Buzzcomix run over their bandwidth? Were they a victim of a DDoS attack? Did someone have pornographic images? Is the site going back up by the time you read this, later today, tomorrow, at the end of the month, after a while to plug security holes, or ever? WE DON’T KNOW!!! And we basically have no way of knowing.

Well, at least we still have Top Web Comics.

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