The Conservative Case to a Liberal

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The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they created this country and its constitution.

They had just seen first-hand what happens when people get too much power. They had just fought a war to free themselves from the tyrrany of King George. They knew they had to do something to make sure America never had to suffer like that again. They knew the power of government had to be limited to keep from interfering in the lives of ordinary Americans, because when Americans are left to their own devices, they have proven time and again that they can do some wonderful things. So they set out to create the freest nation on Earth, one that would be the envy of the world, a beacon of hope for oppressed peoples the world over, a place where anyone, with hard work and determination, could be anything they wanted to be.

For over two centuries that was exactly what America was, the greatest nation in the world. In the 1940s, when Nazi totalitarianism threatened to enslave the world, America made sure the world remained free. In the next half-century, when the threat of Communism threatened to spread all over the world, America remained the haven of free enterprise and took the lead at halting the spread of socialism and communism, culminating in the fall of the Berlin Wall and of the Soviet Union itself.

And yet, now, after America’s greatest triumph, liberal elitists like you want to turn America into its opposite. You want to reach the tentacles of government to every part of American lives, to make each and every one of us dependent on our government, to impose socialism – the very ideology we spent half a century fighting – right here in the USA, here, in the greatest stronghold for free enterprise in all the world! And they have the gall to claim to know better than most Americans because we won’t go along with their America-destroying ideas – as though we’re just a bunch of stupid morons who should stay in their place and let the smart people run things. We’ve seen what happens when government gets absolute power, but I suppose the liberal elitists never studied history while getting their fancy-schmancy college educations.

Or economics. Because as much as you’ve demonized so-called “Big Corporations”, the fact remains that capitalism is the greatest economic system in the world. Competition, free enterprise, these things are more powerful forces than the liberals realize. They put money in people’s pockets and allow a rising tide to lift all boats. Other countries have tried socialism; the Soviet Union is dead, China has moved towards capitalism (because they recognize what the liberal elitists don’t), and Europe takes all your money, crippling life and the economy. We don’t need an Europe-style welfare state where everyone is coddled and pampered. Private business knows what’s best for America, because their task is to get the most out of their money, and they don’t need government regulation mucking things up. Even when it’s benign, government doesn’t have any motivation to provide the best service, since it has a monopoly; private business has to compete, so it does have to provide the best service for the money.

I know how sad you are to see poor people out there, but it’s time to wake up to reality. If you put everyone on a level playing field, if you give people wealth without work, no one will have any incentive to work because no one will be able to get ahead. Success through hard work is the most fulfilling kind of success; the American dream isn’t “the government will magically make you rich”. You can’t make everyone mediocre; you need to free people to aspire to wealth, and that means you need to have wealthy people for them to aspire to. Otherwise, the economy stagnates, and we get passed by China and India.

And on top of that, you want to cripple our military? That hippie pacifist crap went out with the 60s. You want to know why those European socialist countries don’t have any military? It’s because they rely on the United States military, finest in the world, to protect them for them. It’s the US military that protects freedom from those who would destroy it. I’m not going to defend Bush’s intelligence tactics, much as he was slandered by the media – apparently Democrats got the wrong message when the voters rejected his expansion of government into people’s lives – but don’t deny the continued threat of al-Qaeda and other enemies of America. You gut the military, and who will keep America – and the world – safe from terrorists and rogue states who want to hold the world hostage with nuclear weapons? You want to live at their mercy, or would you rather go move there and coddle them and give in to their every demand? But that’s not all; you also want to take away guns from private citizens, leaving us defenseless (except for the government’s police of course!) against petty criminals and especially against our own government?

But – as if all that weren’t enough – to complete the socialist takeover, you want to take away God from our lives. You want to turn doctors into murderers, you want to undermine the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman (because what’s the point of marriage if it can’t produce a child?), and most of all, you want to deny the Christian foundation of this country and turn it into a godless, atheist place. It’s one thing to destroy America, it’s another to guarantee yourself a place in hell and drag America down with it by offending God, much as you want to deny His existence. Yeah, try denying His existence when you’re burning in hell; pretending He isn’t there doesn’t make it so.

This is all common sense. So how come it’s now legitimate to talk about a complete government takeover of the health care industry, about expanding government to solve all our problems, about crippling this nation’s ability to defend itself and spread the message of freedom, about destroying the foundation of marriage and offending all God’s morals, and how come anyone who talks about how all this will destroy America – which is to say most Americans – is shouted down and insulted? It’s because the liberal media won’t tell the truth. Whenever the liberal media talks about businesses and their leaders, they always insult them and paint them as corrupt con-men. Apparently all the good business leaders give all their money away so the poor get a free ride. And all they ever talk about is the military killing people or committing some atrocity; they never talk about all the good the United States military does around the world, and in general all they talk about is what’s wrong with the world, not what’s right. In fact, anyone who so much as tells the truth or talks sense with Americans is slandered and painted as some extremist. And there is a liberal media; actual academic studies have proven it.

Well, America’s not going to take it anymore. America is a center-right nation, and it’s time to climb down from the ivory towers, stop looking at your beautiful abstract models that blind you to the real world, stop deluding yourselves into thinking Americans just need to know more about your little plot, and stop trying to lead America in a direction we see very well and don’t want to go. We’ve had enough of “change”. We like things just the way they are, thank you very much.

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