A happier important notice on the future of Da Blog

You may or may not have noticed that, contrary to what I’ve said in the past, and this past week aside, posting has picked up substantially recently, especially where webcomic posts are concerned. You may have also noticed that some of these posts have gone up at rather… interesting hours.

There are a couple of reasons for this. One is something I hinted at a while back: after years of my struggling to find an Internet connection, my mom finally got talked (not by me) into adding an internet connection for our house. This has made it far easier to update Da Blog, but considering what I said a while back about refocusing on school work, it’s not sufficient to explain this new focus.

The other reason I hinted at in my blog-day post. Having essentially unlimited access to the internet has illuminated to me just how addicted to the Internet I’ve become, and how far beyond Da Blog that addiction stretches. Given the opportunity, I can regularly surf the ‘Net late into the night, consequences be damned. I’d already passed only one out of two classes in each of the preceding two quarters, despite my commitment to suspend work on Da Blog and focus on schoolwork. But last quarter, despite the motivation of the Understanding the News series, you may have noticed I only put out one post in that series (other than the introductory post I linked to above). I wound up passing neither class that quarter.¬†When it comes to passing classes again, it’s time for Plan B.

I realized that the last time I was regularly passing two classes was when I was regularly working on Da Blog, on webcomic posts and everything of that like. I theorized that having to spend a substantial portion of every weekday catching up on RSS feeds and working on posts (and Sandsday) provided a necessary structure and constraint on my addiction that allowed me to focus the rest of my time on more productive pursuits. (Note that there’s another theory here: recently, more and more of the classes I take require me to actually do the readings assigned, rather than just pick out a few important assignments and focus on those.)

So to rebuild my work ethic, I’m spending this summer focusing on fully catching up on my RSS feeds (right now I have only the feeds that most clog my reader to go, plus Darths and Droids), working on webcomics posts and future webcomics, as well as other big plans for Da Blog and my future. I’m hoping I can build enough momentum from working on those projects that when school starts in the fall I can shift gears and actually get work done without having other distractions. I still expect posting to decline precipitously, especially in fall, when football usually dominates Da Blog. And honestly, even this plan hasn’t been working very well, with two of my planned projects (in my opinion, the two most important) not having had any time spent on them at all with August about to start. Blame for that can largely be laid at the feet of a more personal project I’ve been working on, one which I hope will provide a shorter “last resort” alternative to Internet fun when the fall starts.

Now that that’s out of the way, now hear this… there will be at least two major site upheavals over the course of this year.

The first will be sometime in the next few weeks, and will involve finally upgrading WordPress to the 3.x series, putting in the forum, fixing the problems with the Sandsday archive, and probably completely overhauling the relationship between the Sports and Webcomics subsites and the main site. (This last I don’t want to do, but the plugin that creates the Sports and Webcomics subsites stopped updating IN THE MIDDLE OF UPDATING FOR 3.0, so it may be necessary.) This revamp will also allow me to start a brand new webcomic, something I’ve been giving a lot of thought to recently.

The second will be a more minor update over the course of late September through early December, as I take a web design class, and may involve next to nothing at all. While I like the general layout of the site and the basic principles behind its look, I’m not blind to the fact that it has some potential problems (the “how do you like my site” poll that came with the WP-Polls plugin didn’t come out with the best results), although some of the problems are things I’ve been meaning to change from the beginning, and it goes just enough against the WordPress standard I’m kind of dreading how on Earth I’m going to get the forum to work (one reason I didn’t start it last time I tried was because I just gave up trying to get it to work), so I’d like to optimize the site and identify those problems and fix them.

Between these upheavals and several new projects I hope to unveil over the next few months, it’s a bold new era in Da Blog’s history. Here’s hoping it all works out for the best.

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  1. Something I forgot to mention: The next few months effectively represent the absolute last-ditch attempt to make something of the site. I need to either start making substantial amounts of money on the site or pass both my classes, or my mom will cut off that fancy new Internet account. And if I can’t get either done by next July (meaning I have to pass two classes by the end of March), I probably won’t be able to afford to renew my hosting account with Hostmonster, which will probably mean I have to migrate the whole site back to Freehostia.

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